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Arca War Battle and Chash Shop

Published on: 2018/04/25 @ 21:45 pm

-------------------------------- Eng-------------------------------

Changes Arca War.
Changed the time of the Ark War, it was advanced in 1 hour.
Current Time 19:00 Server Time

XShop changes.
Changed Normal and Master Seals values from Exp 20 and 30 days.
Added Jewel of Extension by Wcoin
Added Reset Fruits by Goblin Points.

-------------------------------- pt-br---------------------------------------

Mudanças Arca War.
Alterado o horário do Arca War, foi adiantado em 1 hora. 
Horário Atual 19:00 Server Time

Mudanças xShop.
Alterado valores de Selos Normal e Master de Exp 20 e 30 dias.
Adicionado Jewel of Extension por Wcoin
Adicionado Frutas de Reset por Goblin Points.