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Black Friday Event! Cashshop and Wcoin

Published on: 2018/11/23 @ 16:01 pm


Black Friday Event!

Cashshop and Wcoin!



Hoje dia 23/11/2018 haverá o evento referente a Black Friday!

Será dado 50% de desconto na CashShop in game!

O evento do CashShop começa hoje as 20:00 e irá até amanhã as 20:00

O valor apresentado na cashshop é o padrão porém será descontado apenas metade do valor no ato da compra!

E todo valor de Wcoin comprado no Paypal terá o valor 2x

O evento de 2x Wcoin pelo Paypal irá hoje do dia 23/11 até dia 06/12 antes da manutenção!

Somente para doações pelo Paypal





Today 23/11/2018 there will be the event regarding Black Friday!

You will be given a 50% discount on CashShop in game!

The CashShop event starts today at 8:00 p.m. and will run until tomorrow at 8:00 p.m.

The value shown in the cashshop is the standard, but only half the value will be deducted when you buy!

And every value of Wcoin purchased in Paypal will have the value 2x

The 2x Wcoin event by Paypal will go today from 23/11 until 06/12 before maintenance!

Only for donations by Paypal



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