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Changelog Maintenance

Published on: 2018/08/14 @ 20:54 pm

Scheduled maintenance changelog.

- Reduced damage and defense from Nars, Ferea and Deepdungeon 1.

- Increased drop Golden Sentence from Swamp of Darkness.

- Added 3-day Starter Pack for new players. (3 days Pet Panda, 3 days Pink Panda Ring, 3 days Talisman of Ascencion 50% exp, 1 inventory expansion).

- Modification in primary spots like (Aida, Tarkan, Atlans, Elberland, Losttower, Dungeon,), Have spot in all maps.
- Fix Buff Wrath GL.
- Increased drop of Steel of Heaven.
- Increased drop of Mysterious Stone from Purple Chaos Box.
- Added Wcoin Currency for purchase and exchange in Xshop, thus facilitating buying and selling of items. (to use just right click).
- Fix problem with offlevel of the character walking around the map (Increased offlevel atk speed).
- Removed the option of not die in offlevel (This was a temporary measure, already been solved).
- Fixed problem with guild and guild allies can not enter LOT without it being open.
- Increased drop rate for Inventory Expansion Quest.

- Implemented Hunting complete system.

To view the drop of rare tickets and which Boss drops, go to the link: