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New Invasion and Schealudes

Published on: 2018/05/04 @ 21:40 pm


New invasions!

Bali and Soldier invaded the mainland of Mu!

And they Drop Jewels!

(Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Life, Jewel of Creation)

Total mobs 3 Bali and 3 Soldier for each Map!


Maps Time

Lorencia, Noria, Devias


Lorencia, Noria, Devias


Lorencia, Noria, Devias


Lorencia, Noria, Devias




Golden Puppy Invasion!

This little one will be responsible for incredible items for the characters!
Invasions can occur in Lorencia, Noria and Devias!
Each invasion will only be 3 Mobs in total !!
These small items will drop High level items with a maximum of 3 Options exc!
In addition to dropping 2 types of Rare ticket!

Puppy Yellow (Golden) Drops List:
1-Rare Ticket 1
      1.1-Save 10 x "Rare Ticket 1" and exchange for 1 "Unique Weapons Box"
      1.2-Save 15 x "Rare Ticket 1" and exchange for 1 "Archangel Weapon Box"
2-Rare Ticket 2
     2.1-Save 3 "Rare Ticket 2" and exchange for 1 "Unique Acessory Box"
3- Pentagran Tier 3 Random element and random slot Max 4 Slot!
    3.1-Arca's Prophecy
    3.2-Antonia's Sword
    3.3-Kundun's Seal Scroll
4-Brown Panda Ring 1 Day
5-Pet Skeleton 1 Day
6-Skeleton Transformation Ring 1 Day
7-Pet Panda 1 Day
8-Brova Exc (3 Opt max)
9-Aileen Bow (3 Opt max)
10-Chrome Staff (3 Opt max)
11-Striker Scepter (3 Opt max)

Contents of the "Unique Weapons Box" (10 Rare ticket 1)
Archangel Weapon + 0 + Skill + Randon Luck + 2 Option exc. Randon!
Content of the "Archangel Weapon Box" (15 Rare ticket 1)
Archangel Weapon + 0 + Skill + Randon Luck + 3 Option exc. Randon!
Contents of the "Unique Acessory Box" (3 Rare ticket 2)
 Pendants and Rings (80% regular rings drop and 20% Elite Rings and Pendants like agony, Block ...)


To request change yours Rare Ticket send a mesage or email to admins!

[email protected]

or Facebook Page


Golden Puppy scheadules! Server time!

Map Times
Lorencia 00:00~00:45
Devias 06:00~06:45
Noria 12:00~12:45
Lorencia 18:00~18:45