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Server maintenance 2

Published on: 2018/06/03 @ 14:47 pm

Hello everyone, New server maintenance.


June 07 2018 at 18:30 Server Time!


- Fix Labyrinth of Dimension event, get exp mission does not work.

- Fix Elf Heal does not work properly.

- Adjust drop from Golden Goblin Golden Colossus Invasion fixed in 20% chance to drop "Titan's Anger".

- Adjust skill drops, increased drop.

- Adjust Poison resitence from Lord Silvester, Core Magrif, Lord Ferea.

- Adjust Errtel Rank1 and Rank2 upgrad, the chance to add level to the item was increased to errtels rank 1 and rank 2.

- Fix the problem with the offlevel, the characters die,(this fix is temporary, we are developing a totally new system, we have no date for this definitive system, under development).

- Adjust some experience factors due to the season change had changes in the Exp formulas and this adjustment is necessary.

- Fix some excellent option does not work properly.

- Adjust Golden Evommon reduced damage and defense.

- Adjust some elemental damages from Nars, Ferea and DeepDungeon.

- Adjust Bloodangel Excellent Weapon from Ruud shop changed rate from Luck and Skill now is 100% chance to come Luck and skill.

- Fix now you can trade Elemental box from Elemental Symbols.

- Adjust Devias Spot.

- Adjust Steel of Heaven drop, the drop has increased.


Thanks for all