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Server maintenance Change log

Published on: 2018/10/02 @ 20:33 pm

You need to Perform the Client Update
(Version 0.02.04, or download the latest manual patch in the download area of ??the website).

- Added the following items in xShop
  Golden Oak Charm
  Oak Charm
  Hawk Figurine
  Goat Figurine
  Worn Horseshoe
  Master Scroll Package Wizzard and Attack 1, 7 and 15 Days


-Adjusted Elemental Talisman of Luck Pack with 10 ea
- Adjusted Garuda Flame and Golden Sentence drop in Swamp the Darkness
  Medusa Spawn Time Changed:
   9:00 am Server Time
   9:00 PM Server Time

- Fixed party exp issue.
- Fixed Dark side skill range issue.
- Adjust some spots on several maps.
- Removed Countdown to Post is now 1 Second.
- All characters released in lvl 1.
- Set starter kit for 7 days

- Adjustment in the Rare Tickets rewards Rare Ticket 7,8,9,10, now items come in Boxes and in this way the rate does not compete with the other items.


- Adjusted Goblin Points Earned By Going Online,
 Before 10 Goblin points for half an hour.
       Now 20 Goblin points for half an hour

- Events that give Goblin Points:

Blood Castle = 15 Goblin Points
Devil Square = 15 Goblin Points
Devil Square = 15 Goblin Points
Chaos Castle = 15 Goblin Points
CryWolf = 40 Goblin Points
Nightmare = 40 Goblin Points
Illusion Temple Classic = 15 Goblin Points
Dopple Ganger = 15 Goblin Points
Imperial Fort = 15 Goblin Points


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