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Server Restarting!

Published on: 2018/05/06 @ 18:17 pm



Hello, due to some changes provided in the update 0.0.7, which were necessary, we had some unforeseen EXP and Rate of some drops, among them Jewels, Items ...
And most importantly, the entire experience table has been reworked (provided by the new versions of the original Developers).
With this we restart the servers, this way leaving servers online 4,5,6
1.2.3 servers are online with all accounts but are not accessed!

No account is disconnected.
As you are checking your characters, offlevel and offtrade, migrate to servers 4,5,6.

With this update was made the increase of jewelry drop.
Fixed some eventualities with EXP.

The Labirynt of Dimension event has a problem with the EXP! We are working to rectify this as soon as possible.

Any problems please contact our team on facebook page.

Thank you.