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Server update! New Exchange Option and more

Published on: 2018/06/29 @ 21:33 pm

Hello everyone !

This new update we changed some things,listed below:

1- A new in-game exchange system has been deployed so that players can exchange their rare tickets directly in the game, not depending on the administrators for such action.

This system has enable to exchange in Moss Merchant in Elberland.

And new options Exchange!


You can see the new system working in this video :


2- Updated Cash Shop, some itens with Goblin Points now can be send with Gift.

Pet Demon, Pet Angel, Reset Fruits.

3- Added Purple Chaos Box in Cash Shop:

In this box you can get one of this itens listed:

Seed Sphere lvl 1

Seed Sphere lvl 2

Seed Sphere lvl 3

Bundle of Jewels (10,20,30)

Mysterious Stone

4- Added  Seed Capsule in Cash Shop:

You can get one of this itens from this capsules:

Seed Sphere lvl 1

Seed Sphere lvl 2

Sphere Upgrade Rune

You need update your client with launcher update or in download page in "Latest Patch".

Thanks all!