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Good night,we will do a maintenance at Wednesday 27/10-21:30pm (gmt-03).

All the changes listed here will be applied to the game server.


Boa noite a todos,

será realizado uma manutenção no dia 27/10- 21:30pm.

Todas as modificações listadas abaixo serão aplicadas ao servidor.


Buenas noches a todos

El mantenimiento se llevará a cabo desde el 27/10 hasta las 9:30 pm.

Todos los cambios enumerados a continuación se aplicarán al servidor.



Fixed Instanced Dungeon

Enabled Castle Deep Event

Fixed Life 100% Rate, now its Applied regular rate 60%.

Implemented New Antcheat Core.

Fixed SD Recovery.

Fixed HP Recovery.

Fixed MP Recovery.

Fixed AG Recovery.

Adjusted Personal Store Issues.

Fixed Labyrinth Of Dimensions Issues.

Fixed Party exp Bonus ( Not Correcly Exp Appling).

Adjusted Earring Upgrade Rate.

Enabled Santa Village.

Enabled Guild War.

Fixed Crywolf Benefices.

Fixed Losttower Race Reward.

Fixed Dungeon Race Reward.

Adjusted Goblin Points Reward.

Fixed World Boss Spawn.

Adjusted Archangel Will Duration Now 15 min Duration.

Adjusted Offlevel Options.

Adjusted Skill Teleport DC issue.

Adjusted Chaos Castle Survivor (First CC Survivor Soon).

Fixed Arka War save informations ( Kill and Deaths statistics).

Adjusted Mix Recovery ( Time to Recovery 30 Days).

Adjusts for the First Castle Siege.

General Server Maintenance.